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A-Rod and Kato: The best-case scenario for MLB, and how to fix it

In a new video from MLB Network, Adam Rubin and Kevin Long break down the best-and-worst scenarios for the league and players.

In the video, Rubin and Long are joined by former MLB Players Association executive director Tim Pernetti and former MLBPA executive director Paul Rietz to discuss the league’s upcoming labor negotiations and the state of the union.

The best-Case scenario, Rubin says, would be a scenario in which the players strike, but the players don’t strike, and the players are still on the field.

If the players come to an agreement, it would be the worst possible outcome.

The worst-case would be for the players to strike, the best scenario would be to find a way for the union to negotiate, and then to have the players and the owners come to a deal that doesn’t go anywhere.

Rubin says that this could be a big issue in the upcoming labor talks, since the players have not been negotiating the labor contract since 2012.

They’re not even in the negotiating process at the moment.

He adds that the players aren’t going to sit down and talk for two months about how they can make it work, and if the union doesn’t come to some agreement, then the players would have a chance to strike.

In other words, this is a big deal for the MLBPA, but it would require an awful lot of political maneuvering and negotiation.

Rubinson says the players should strike in this scenario.

He says the only way they can strike would be if the owners don’t agree to it.

Rubins and Long go into more detail about the problems in the league.

The first is the lack of discipline and discipline in the game.

Rubin says the owners are too lax with discipline, and that they’re willing to throw players under the bus for minor infractions.

They want players to have a lot of time on the job and they want to take away the opportunity to develop their game, which is why they have a rule that players are not allowed to wear any type of uniform that doesn.

Rubin calls this the “frozen jersey.”

Players are also getting hurt, Rubin said, and they’re getting hurt in bunches.

Players are getting injured because of the rule that says if they take off a jersey and take it off again, that is an automatic 30-game suspension.

The players are also being punished for not doing their jobs, Rubin added.

Players need to be punished for being out there.

Players have a hard time staying on the bench.

Rubio says that the league should be willing to negotiate on a better deal for players.

Rubin points out that players can get a better raise than they currently get, which could help offset some of the money that would be lost if they don’t have the money to play.

Rubin adds that there’s also an argument that if the players make $100 million a year, the league could make a deal with them for $50 million.

But that would not be enough, Rubin argues.

Players can’t get $100m in a contract without making a lot more than they’re worth.

Rubin also points out the other problem: the owners have a huge amount of leverage over the players.

The owners can push the players around and say they’re going to pay you whatever you want.

Rubin said that the owners can’t even give a player his entire $100-million contract.

Rubenstein says that if there is an agreement and the union agrees to it, the players could get back their old paychecks, which would bring their total salary to $170 million.

He argues that the new contract would allow the players, because they’re still on their players’ contracts, to be paid more than the previous deal, which made the players pay more than their new contracts.

Rubinstein argues that because the new agreement is the best and worst deal, it could be the most favorable deal for all sides.

He believes the owners would be willing and able to offer a better package for the new players.

He also thinks that the player would be better off if the new deal was the best deal, because it would mean that they would get a higher salary.

Rubovich says that he thinks the owners want the best possible deal, and it’s hard for them to negotiate without an agreement.

The best possible offer, Rubin suggests, would not include a new contract, because that would take away a lot from the players who are still under contract.

Rubin notes that the union could negotiate on an extension, but that would make it hard for the owners to do so.

Rubin argues that an extension would make the players better off.

He said that they have the right to negotiate for their future, but he also said that if you can’t negotiate for your future, then it makes sense to not negotiate at all.

The only way you can win, Rubin concluded, is to agree to an extension and be patient with the

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