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Meet the Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2017

By Chris CohanPublished Mar 09, 2018 12:01AM EDTWhen you look at social media in 2017, it is difficult to find a trend that hasn’t been in place for years.

The year is also notable for the rise of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media platforms that have changed the way people interact with one another.

While the majority of the growth in social media has been seen on the internet, there is also an element of mobile and mobile apps that have been responsible for a significant portion of the social media explosion.

Here are the top 10 social media trends of 2017.1.

#GoToYourSidewalkYou go to your bathroom, get your hair done, and then go to the restroom for a drink and get dressed in time for a party.2.

#SleepingOnTheJobFor the past year, companies have been offering paid vacations to their employees.

Now, it looks like they will be offering paid leave too.3.

#VotingForLessWith a growing number of Americans unable to afford health insurance, a new initiative has been launched that would provide workers with tax credits to get insurance.4.

#HealthyFitnessFor many Americans, fitness has become an integral part of their everyday lives.

With the popularity of fitness clubs and fitness studios, it seems like they are on the rise.5.

#PricelessFor a few months, the United States government had been pushing to limit obesity.

Now that it seems to have failed, they have finally made a decision.6.

#TalksToYourFitnessStarbucks is finally making some changes to its food policies.

It’s now being open to all employees in the U.S., and they will have to make the same decision to avoid the $5,000 a year in government-mandated obesity penalties.7.

#EscapeTheDressCodeThis year, the fashion industry has been in the news for its continued push to limit clothing choices. Now the U

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