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What’s next for the #CowgirlGetTogether?

Cowgirls got together in Hollywood, LA to celebrate their show on the Fox Network, the new show, Get Together, which premiered on January 8, 2018.

The show is a tribute to the women of cowgirlhood, including the show’s creator, Danielle Fincher.

But as with any new show like this, it will have its share of problems, including its lack of a director and stars, which can make it a bit of a chore.

“There’s a lot of things that can go wrong with a show like Get Together,” producer Lisa Gilbert told EW.

“We just have to work it out, and hopefully the network can pick it up and move forward with it.

But I can’t say it’s all perfect, because the show has a lot more to it than we originally planned.

We’ve got to keep moving forward.”

That being said, it’s been a blast to see how many women are willing to share their stories about their favorite cowgirls, and how they’ve made their own mark in the industry.

“It’s such a beautiful time,” said actress and Cowgirl creator Danielle Fancher, who played Cowgirl Annie on the show.

“I hope we get a lot out of this show and I hope that Cowgirls is remembered for some positive things, and for the good times we had on Cowgirls.”

The cast of Cowgirls, including actress Danielle Fucile and singer-songwriter Jocelyn Smith, performed “I’m in Your Eyes” on the new Cowgirls show.

(Photo: Fox)

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