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How to Have a Great Date with the Weirdest Person on Earth: A Guide to The World of the Weird

We know that the people in your life will always be weird and quirky, but what do you do about it?

If you’re looking for advice on how to go about dating someone with such a bizarre personality, here’s a guide to what to expect from a date with the weirdest person on Earth.


You won’t be able to understand their reasoning You’re likely going to be very confused, but that’s ok.

We’ve all heard the story of a person who has a “tough love” policy and will literally ignore you for a while, and it’s not that bad if you can get past that.

You’ll just have to learn to live with it.

This is why it’s important to start small, and start with the person in front of you.

“If I’m being honest, most people are really open to hearing why something is happening and trying to understand,” says David Hirsch, founder of Dating Coach.

“Most of the time you’ll be surprised by what you can figure out, but it’s good to have a general understanding of the situation.

And don’t worry if you have some basic knowledge of the person’s personality, just go ahead and ask a lot of questions.”

If you can’t answer the questions, you can always ask around.

It can help to know a little about the person so that you know if there’s a good chance they’ll understand.


You can’t explain why they’re weird A lot of people will try to tell you why something’s weird, but they’re not always the smartest person on the block.

So, instead of trying to explain why someone’s weird and you’re weird, try asking a few questions about the situation instead.

For example, if you’ve met someone who has weird social anxiety, it can be really helpful to get them to explain how it affects them.

“For people who have these anxiety disorders, if they know how to explain it to you, it’s like a kind of magic,” says Hirsch.

“The more you learn about their condition, the more comfortable you’ll feel about it.”

If the person doesn’t get a clear answer, don’t get discouraged.

You’re not the only one.

“Some people find it incredibly helpful to hear the person explain how the anxiety affects them,” says Holly Sussman, a psychology professor at the University of Colorado.

“That way, they can understand how their anxiety affects their daily life, which will help them feel more comfortable with the situation.”


You don’t know their favourite food They may be incredibly boring to talk to, but you’ll get a really good insight into their personality when you ask them about their favourite foods.

You might not like all the things that they have in their fridge, but just asking them what they like will reveal a lot about their personality.

For instance, some people enjoy sweets, while others might not.


You know a lot but you don’t really care They’ll probably be totally cool with anything you ask about them, but when it comes to food, you may not know enough to really give them an answer.

“It’s very important that you understand the person to know whether you’re getting the full picture,” says Suss.

“They can be quite strange and have an awful lot of different foods that they like.”

It’s a different situation when it come to your hobbies.

If you like the idea of working out with a partner, try making a list of all the different exercise machines you can put in your bedroom.

Then ask the person about their hobbies, like their favourite movie.


You’ve never been to the same place They’re a bit of a mystery.

What they like, what they don’t like, and what they’d like to eat can be totally different from each other.

You may be surprised to find out what they prefer, but if you ask around, you might find out that they’re very keen on something specific like chocolate.


You love their pets They’ll love any pets you bring up, but some people will probably not be too keen on bringing a dog home.

So don’t let this deter you.

Just make sure that you get their permission first.

“You may have to ask if they’re comfortable bringing their own pet into the house,” says Sarah Kasten, a psychologist and author of the book Pet Food for People with Autism.

“I know this may seem like a bit weird, so if you feel like it’s something you need to discuss with your partner, just give them a heads up and ask.”


You get to spend more time with them If you find yourself being more outgoing with a date, you’re not alone.

There are studies that show that people are actually more outgoing when they’re around other people.

That’s because you’re less likely to spend time alone, and you’ll find that socialising with a person can make you

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