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How to get along with your family members on the road in India

Get together for a farewell get-together or get-away if you have a family member travelling with you. 

Here are a few tips: Don’t make eye contact with your loved ones Don.t make eye contacts when you’re alone. 

Make sure they can see you and that you’re not in their face. 

Do not interrupt them Don not interrupt them if they’re talking. 

If they ask questions, respond by saying ‘I’m fine’. 

Don – don’t talk to your loved one if they have a cold. 

Don talk to them when they’re feeling down. 

Keep your hands close Use your hands when you can, but avoid touching them when you are tired or upset. 

Avoid sharing food Avoid touching your loved-ones food while you’re in a car or at a gathering. 

You don’t want your loved’s stomach to get all red. 

When you’re out on a get-around, try not to use your hands as you would with a drink. 

Your loved-one should be at ease around you if they are. 

Have fun Make a playlist of your favourite songs that you listen to. 

Get into a song or song and watch it. 

Listen to it and then get out of the car. 

Read a book and play it.

Get in a game Have a go at a game that you enjoy, such as board games, table-top games, card games, or board and card games. 

Be creative When it comes to creativity, don’t try to copy the same things. 

Instead, try to be different and try new things.

For more info on how to get together for get-aways and farewells, see our article What to do if your loved is away. 

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