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It’s time for a big graduation get together for employees: Meet the ‘Burglary Club’ of Corporate America

Business Insider’s Kevin Kelly reports on a new trend of big corporate events and get togethers.

The latest is a new startup called the “Burglar Club”, founded by the husband-and-wife team of two former Google employees.

They’re part of a growing movement to host corporate get-togethers.

Business Insider/Justin SullivanBusiness Insider”We just decided to build this to get people together and talk about our ideas,” said co-founder Sam Breen.

“If you’re a founder, if you’re an executive, if a board member, if somebody is on a hiring committee, you need to be able to talk about your ideas, how you can improve the world.

And that’s what this is all about.”

The company has hosted events in Washington, DC, Seattle, New York, Austin, Dallas, Austin and Chicago.

Breen and his co-founders are part of the “Collaborative” startup group, which is a subset of the global “Corporate Innovation Network”.

It’s not the first time these get-alongs have happened.

There were some big corporate get together in 2015 in Seattle and 2016 in New York.

This year’s event is the biggest yet.

“We are really excited about the number of events we have planned,” Breen told Business Insider.

“I think it’s really cool.

There’s a lot of people that are going to be there, and it’s going to give them a chance to connect.”

The Burglary Group was formed by two former members of Google, Kevin and Sarah, who started working on their startup back in 2013.

“We wanted to create a company that would allow us to get together and meet up and get to know each other,” said Breen, who was working on Google’s Project Glass initiative.

They decided to create the Burglaries Club after reading about a new way to get to meetings in London.

They’ve invited more than 1,000 employees to attend.

Each company is looking to get as many as 50 people to attend each event, and Breen says that some of the companies have held several hundred events, which could be a good time for new hires.

“Some of the biggest companies in the world are hiring people and they’re having their meetings at Google,” Brewen said.

“They’re having meetings at Facebook.

There are lots of things that can happen, and we want to create something that gives employees a chance for a chance of getting together and talking about their ideas and ideas of how to make a difference.”

There are a lot more companies like the BurgLabs than you’d expect, said Brewan.

“There are lots and lots of startups that are doing things with technology that are very similar to ours.

And we’re just the first ones that are looking at it and saying, ‘This is a very interesting way to do this’.”

The BurgLab is hosted at the offices of tech company Google and is an open forum for companies to come together and discuss new ideas.

Beren said the company wants to encourage new ideas, which are “really valuable”.

“It’s a great time to be an employee,” said Sam Beren.

“The world’s changing, and the world’s getting better and better.

And if you are an employee, you want to be involved in that.

So, it’s just a really exciting time to come out of.”

For more business news, check out Business Insider, the BBC, and Mashable.

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