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Which artists are the best to watch in 2014?

The video above is one of the highlights from the Al Jazeera World video series Get Together, which premiered this month on BBC One.

It shows six of the world’s biggest dance groups, including dance-pop duo Flaming Lips, playing a new dance track from the new album They Are Young.

In the video, the groups perform the song for two people to dance together and get to know each other better.

The video’s tagline is “We’re Young, We’re Not Old”.

The artists include: Flaming Lip, Flaming Tires, Flamed Out, Flamboyant Bitch, Flame Out, Bizarre Bitch The Flaming Lights, Flammable BitchThe Flaming Light, Flamewheel, Flames, Flamy, Flamous, Flanny Flaming, Flasie, Flats, Flappy, Flaws The Flaps, Flap, Flaw, Flashing, Flail, Flashes The Flails, Flax, Flay, Flays, Flaz, Flaze, Flakes, Flavors, Flaves, Flava Flava The Flakes The Flax Flaxes, Flaccademy, The Flail A Flax The Flap Flapes, The Flying Bop The Flying Flops, The Flametop The Flave Flave, The Flash The Flash, The Fly The Fly, The First Flop The First Fly The First, The Funky Bop, The Funk Flop, Funk Flops The Funky, The Gourmand The Gout, The Green, The Golden, The Grim FlopThe Green, the Grumpy Flop Flopes The Groovy, The Groove, The Hottie The Hunk The Hoot The Hippy, the Hip, the Hunk, The Horny, Hoot, the Horny The Hopeless The Horns, The Hopeful, The Hot Flop the Humpy, the Hotty, the Hustle, the Hurt, the I’m The Boss, the Icon, the Inventor, the Intergalactic, the Infamous, the Infinite, the Insane, the Inspiration, the Instigator, the Isolated, the Lifeguard, the Jolly, the Little One, the Loner, the Laugh, the Light, the Love, the Lux, the Miserable, the Mean, the Mad, the Mindless, the Messy, and the Muffin.

The group includes singer-songwriter Kool Moe Dee, keyboardist Margo Price, bassist and drummer Steve Earle, guitarist Mark Knopfler, bass player Brian Wilson, guitarist Eric Burdon, drummer Nick Mason, guitarist Scott Storch, and bassist Justin Paul.

The Flamin’ Groove have a new album coming out on October 13, and you can watch the full video here.

Here are some more images from the video:The Flamy Bitch and the Flaming Wheels are the world leaders of dance.

This video was created by FlamingLips and FlamingTires.

The song is called “Love is the Enemy” and features a guest appearance by Miley Cyrus, who plays a piano.

The lyrics read:We’re young, we’re not old, we can go back in time.

We’re just getting older.

And that’s what it’s all about.

The videos is the perfect way to celebrate the rise of dance, the music industry, and even the art form itself.

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