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Trump: “Get together with us” to talk about the Kavanaugh confirmation story, Democrats say

The president is also asking Democrats to work with Republicans on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination to the Supreme Court is at risk of being blocked.

Trump is urging Democrats to bring him to the White House to discuss the confirmation and his plans to make him the first black justice.

Democrats have yet to decide whether to take the bait.

Trump has been a constant presence on the Senate floor, repeatedly berating senators as they try to make their case for his nomination and questioning the integrity of the Senate process.

Trump’s tweet Thursday morning came shortly after Democrats accused the president of “playing politics” with the nomination of Kavanaugh, whom the president had called the “best man” to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Democrats said the president has “no right to demand” a hearing on his nominee.

He has already been grilled on the issue by several senators and has denied any attempt to obstruct justice.

Senate Democrats say Trump’s tweets are part of a deliberate effort to undermine their efforts to block the confirmation.

“We have no intention of changing the nominee, we will continue to fight to get the nomination confirmed,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday.

“The president is not the only one that can influence the outcome of the confirmation process.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has already scheduled a hearing with Mr. Kavanaugh for March 24.

We hope to make the hearing public as soon as possible.”

The Trump administration has also refused to rule out a vote on Kavanaugh, even though the Republican majority on the committee has not made a decision on the nomination.

Trump repeatedly urged his base on Twitter Thursday to vote against the nomination, and to send a message to Democrats that they must vote to confirm the nominee.

“I think the American people want the Senate to vote on Brett Kavanaugh,” Trump tweeted.

“They’re tired of hearing about the Democrats.”

Democrats, including Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, called Trump’s comments an attempt to undermine the Senate.

“He is using his bully pulpit to attack his fellow Republicans and their willingness to vote to hold hearings on Judge Kavanaugh,” Durbind said in a statement.

“This is yet another example of his cynical attempts to influence the Senate nomination process, and it is unacceptable.”

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