Aussie bride and groom reunited after getting lost on their honeymoon

Two Australian brides were reunited with their fiancees after a five-hour drive from Sydney after they got lost in the desert.

In one of the photos posted on social media, Emily Riddell and her fiance, Luke Johnson, were spotted driving along a remote stretch of highway in the Gold Coast State.

“I got lost yesterday,” Ms Riddel wrote on Twitter, adding that they were driving along the highway at about 2:30pm on Wednesday.

“It was about 3km from where I was supposed to be and I didn’t know where I would be.

I had a little time to drive home.”

Ms Riddedell said the pair had taken some photos of the desolate landscape, and shared the experience on Twitter.

“We got home and I am a bit tired from driving,” she said.

“Luke is still recovering from his first surgery, so it is nice to have the opportunity to go back home.”

The couple was travelling in a BMW with their two-year-old daughter and were returning from a wedding in Perth.

They had a one-hour delay before they found their way to a road that they had driven through before, Ms Riddler wrote.

“They had been driving through that road for about an hour and a half,” she added.

“My husband and I had stopped for gas and I asked Luke if we could go a little further back because we had only got gas for half an hour.”

They found the road they had been travelling along about 30 kilometres from their hotel.

“A road that you can barely see,” Ms Johnson wrote.

“It was absolutely beautiful.”

The pair were greeted by their parents, who were able to see them together and were able hold their hands up to kiss the bride.

“When you are with someone who you love and care about, you want to share that,” Ms Middell said.

The couple said they were able not only to get to their destination, but also meet a lot of other people, including a family of five.

“There are lots of lovely people in Australia,” Ms Sides said.

“I think we got a good start to the new year.”

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