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Which companies got together in the ’90s?

From the mid-1990s through to the end of the 21st century, a host of companies — and at least a few former executives — have shared their stories of getting together to discuss the company’s past, present and future.

Here’s a look at what’s been happening and what’s coming up:What happened in the mid-’90sThe early 1990s were a time of great disruption for the American workplace.

The Internet was becoming mainstream, technology was shifting the workplace into the 21century, and companies were fighting to stay relevant.

Companies like Xerox and Dell were making the most of the new technologies, and some even built new business models to cater to the needs of the rapidly changing marketplace.

Some of the most significant companies that went out of business during this time were:Auburn UniversityUniversity of AlabamaThe University of TexasAuburndaleUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Texas SouthwesternTexas A&MUniversity of HoustonThe University Of MissouriColumbia UniversityThe University at BuffaloThe University (now Missouri)University of Missouri and The University of Missouri-Kansas CityThe University and University of WisconsinColumbiaUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeThe University, University of California, Santa BarbaraThe University-Kansas, Kansas StateUniversity of FloridaThe University in TokyoThe University Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts and DesignThe University’s College of CharlestonThe Universityof HoustonThe Smithsonian InstitutionThe University At BuffaloThe Smithsonian Tropical Research InstituteThe University College of Florida

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