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Gearhead get back together review: How a pair of headphones can be so powerful

A pair of new headphones that combine high-quality sound with a pair for a little less than $50 each is about to get a lot more expensive.

As it stands, the $100 pair of K701 ($170 for a pair) is a bit of a surprise, as it’s priced right at the end of the Gearhead line and doesn’t have much in the way of specs beyond that.

If you’re looking to save a bit and take the extra $100 and pair of the K701, you’ll need to invest in some very expensive headphones, as the headphones don’t come with a built-in amplifier, and the headphones themselves are very expensive at $400 each.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you want to go through to get the most out of your Gearhead headphones, that’s fine.

In this review, I’ll go over how to get an all-black pair of Gearheads for under $100, and then look at what you can expect with the rest of the product line.

The K701’s specs, for the most part, are identical to the $250 pair of headphone that the Gearheads have, which is to say that the K702 doesn’t look like it’s going to make a dent in the $150-300 price range for the GearHeads.

That said, the K704 and K706 have a lot of new technology to them, as well, which will definitely help with sound quality.

Both of the new headphones come with Bluetooth wireless charging and a 5-hour battery life.

The most obvious change here is the inclusion of an audio jack, as there’s now a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can plug directly into the K703.

This makes for a more convenient plug-and-play setup, and it’ll likely make you more likely to use the headphones more often.

It’s also worth noting that the new headphone jack is not included with the K802.

Instead, you have to plug it in through a separate, more expensive jack on the headphone jack of the other K702 model.

While you won’t have the audio jack on your K702, you can still use the K705 and K701 models as well.

For now, I recommend just going with the $200 pair of earbuds.

The headphones have a pair in each ear, which you can customize with your own sound, and they’re available for purchase through the company’s website.

Gearheads are available in black and silver, and in both the black and white versions, you get a pair with a 3mm headphone and a USB-C port.

The cables are included in the box, and if you’re not sure which cable you want, you could go ahead and grab a pair and have it delivered to you.

Both the K700 and K703 are available on Amazon for $140, but both of the $300 pair of headsets are now available through the Gear HeadShop, where they can be purchased for $70 each.

The new models are available now through the site for $199 each, so you can grab the K706 for $80.

Gearhead will also be releasing a pair on October 7 for $50, but they’ll only be available for $20 on the site until then.

The only other new Gearheads coming out are the K900 ($140) and K905 ($170), which will be available on October 11 for $110 each.

We’ll be checking out both of these headsets on a regular basis over the coming months, so stay tuned for our full review as well as our review of the T1 and T2 headphones.

GearHead is also now offering a $99 discount on the $60 GearHead2, which has a similar design as the $180 GearHead, but comes with Bluetooth charging.

Gear Head is also offering a free trial of its new $80 GearHead3 headphone, which uses Bluetooth to make it much easier to pair headphones with Android Wear devices.

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