Meet the first ever American woman who’s been diagnosed with an infectious disease

As the world awaits an announcement of the next Ebola survivor, we’ll have to wait to find out if this is the first.

But the latest news is that a woman in New York has been diagnosed, with symptoms of the virus, with a new diagnosis that could have implications for her and her family.

She is an American who has recently been living in Liberia.

This marks the first case of Ebola in the US.

The woman, who we’ll call Sarah, was not vaccinated, nor did she have any symptoms before coming to New York, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The US has been trying to find a way to control the outbreak since the outbreak began in February, when a nurse infected with the virus traveled from Liberia to the US, and was transferred to a New York City hospital.

“It is a very difficult situation,” Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, told ABC News.

“It’s an extraordinary moment for all of us to be able to go forward with the health care system.”

But while it’s not the first time a US health care worker has been infected with Ebola, it’s one of the first known cases in the country.

The CDC has been investigating the case for a year, and the patient is a family member.

There is no evidence that anyone who has been exposed to Sarah has developed the virus themselves, Frieden said.

“We’re looking at a potential link to that person’s family,” Frieden added.

As we reported earlier this month, there is no vaccine or treatment for Ebola, but there are options to treat people who have already been infected, and to isolate them from close contact with infected patients.

The first person diagnosed with Ebola in America was in a hospital in Pennsylvania, and a doctor who was exposed to the virus was recently released.

The infection in a US hospital was isolated in July, and there have been several other cases in other states.

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