Which Drake song is the most popular?

Get together lyrics are all the rage these days, but some are even more popular than others.

Drake’s hit “Can’t Hold Us”, which features guest appearances from Jeezy, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, is the current leader, according to Spotify’s data.

In the top 50 songs of all time, it holds the dubious honour of being the only song in the Top 10 to not make the cut.

The song’s popularity is attributed to the fact that the song is about a family, but Drake’s lyrics are more about the power of family.

“My family was great, and I think you can see the influence of my family in my music,” he says.

“But the power was there for me to make a difference and do something good for my people.

I just wanna bring a little bit of love to the world.”

Other songs that come to mind are Drake’s “Blurred Lines” and “Work,” the latter of which was a major hit in 2010.

The latter song has a similar message, but the former has a different twist.

“Work” has a message of working hard and achieving your dreams.

“Blur Lines” is a simple song about a life of hard work and striving to achieve your dreams, and is a love song.

“I love my family.

I love my people,” Drake says in the song.

The most popular Drake songs of 2013 So far, Drake has been one of the biggest hits of 2013.

The track was released in June and was widely praised by critics.

It’s a classic Drake track that everyone loves, and it’s a perfect example of the artist’s personality.

The “I Love Drake” video features a man who says Drake “always has the best shit.”

Drake is the only artist in history to have one hit single for every song he has released.

And that includes “I Like It When U Like Me” from 2013’s “Bangerz”.

He also has two of his most popular songs: “Hotline Bling” and his popular hit “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Drake’s popularity peaked in 2014 with “Hotel California”, which peaked at number one.

However, that album’s popularity soon dropped, as Drake released “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” and continued to hit the charts.

Drake was a guest on the 2013 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, but didn’t appear on the show anymore.

He’s now the biggest selling artist in the world.

“Drake is a great ambassador for music,” said Fallon.

“He’s a great performer, and he’s an amazing person.

He does things that other artists don’t do.”

The Top 10 Greatest Drake Songs of 2013 The list of Drake songs has grown since the song “Hot Line Bling”, released in 2012, was released.

Drake has released a total of seven Drake songs in the last 10 years.

Drake is now the longest-running artist in Billboard’s history.

In addition to his chart success, Drake is also a big name in entertainment, as he is a major investor in the music industry.

The Billboard Music Awards took place last year in Las Vegas.

Drake will be performing at the awards ceremony on December 5.

“Babe, I’m a Drake fan, I want to thank you for all you do for the industry,” said Drake during the awards show.

“That’s why I’m coming to your show.”

Drake has also been a huge advocate for gay rights.

In 2014, he was the first artist to appear at the Billboard Gay & Lesbian Awards.

Last year, he came out as bisexual and he made a cameo in the new “Dance Moms” reality show.

Drake also took part in a debate about homosexuality on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014.

The topic of homosexuality and the NFL’s response to the issue was a topic of discussion at the show.

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