What to watch for when the #BlackLivesMatter movement kicks off in March

Black Lives Matter protesters are taking over the streets of Chicago on March 15.

They’re calling for justice for the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, and they’re demanding that the city take action against police brutality.

The demonstrations are expected to take place in multiple cities.

Here are some of the key moments from the week:Friday, March 12: The march starts in Chicago’s North Shore neighborhood and ends in the Wrigleyville area of the city.

The march has been organized by a group called Black Lives Matters Chicago, which has been active since the death of 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The group has been rallying support for Brown’s murder for more than two years. 

“When I heard the news of the shooting and saw the young man that was killed, I thought, ‘This is not how you want to be remembered,'” organizer Jordan Smith told WGN-TV.

Smith said he hoped that Black Lives Mural on the Chicago River would help “to help show that police brutality is not acceptable in Chicago.”

Saturday, March 13: The marchers gather in front of the City Hall.

The marcher is dressed in black with a black hooded sweatshirt. 

Police are seen at the front of a crowd as they try to prevent the marchers from marching in the street. 

This photo was captured by a bystander at the scene of the marcher’s arrest.

The marchers also carry signs and banners reading “Black lives matter” and “Justice for Laquon.” 

Sunday, March 14: The Chicago Police Department announces that it has deployed officers to the demonstration, which is expected to last at least two hours. 

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is African-American, has condemned the protests, which he called “a clear expression of hate and division.”

“Black lives don’t matter,” Emanuel said.

“If you don’t care about that, you’re not a black person.

If you don´t care about it, you donít live in this city.

We are not going to let hate, division and violence define this city.”

Chicago police have not commented on the planned marches.

Monday, March 15: The city’s mayor announces that officers will be on hand to protect the marched marchers. 

Officers have been deployed to the city’s North Side neighborhood to ensure the safety of marchers and onlookers.

A Chicago police spokesman says the department will not “exacerbate” the tensions by deploying more officers to enforce the law.

Police have deployed a large number of officers to Chicago’s downtown and the South Side, in the hopes of making arrests during the march. 

Tuesday, March 16: Police begin to clear the streets in the North Side.

Police also begin to remove marchers as they march down the street from the downtown to the riverfront area.

“I am a Chicagoan, I am a Chicagolandan, and I want Chicagoans to be able to come here and celebrate, not be scared,” Brown said as he was shot and killed by a police officer in the streets outside the McDonald’s restaurant in December 2015.

The city and the police department have been on high alert in recent weeks as protesters have been demonstrating against police violence in other U.S. cities, including Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. 

The Chicago police department has been on heightened alert since Brown’s death, and police have been under heightened scrutiny after an officer was shot dead by a young black man in the city on March 7.

Saturday, April 1: Chicago police announce that they will not release video of the fatal shooting of Brown. 

On Thursday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that he would not release the video of Brown’s shooting to the public.

“It is my belief that this officer’s actions were appropriate and within the law,” Johnson said.

Chicago Mayor Emanuel, a former Chicago police officer, has said that the killing of Brown was unjustified and that the officers who shot him deserved to be punished.

On Friday, Emanuel said that “justice must be served” for Brown and he would have officers “cover their tracks.”

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