‘No, it wasn’t me’: Father and son in dispute over custody

The father of a girl who died after a domestic dispute with her stepfather has revealed the child’s father did not see her before she was taken to hospital.

In the latest twist in the case, the father of the 14-year-old’s stepbrother is alleged to have tried to take her away from her mother.

He was reportedly found by his stepmother at the scene of the incident in May last year, and police have said he had told her he would kill himself if she did not return.

Police allege the father tried to pull the girl away from the mother after she got home from work and that she tried to intervene and he “became aggressive”.

A court has heard the father’s sister and mother had been on holiday in Spain with the girl at the time of the alleged attack.

She is alleged by police to have said the father had threatened her and tried to strangle her.

In a statement, the family’s lawyer said he was “shocked and saddened” by the allegations.

“I was shocked by what has happened and saddened by the death of my daughter,” his statement read.

“The family’s family, friends and community have been deeply affected by the events of the past few weeks.”

The family has refused to comment.

The girl’s stepfather is alleged in court documents to have been abusive to the girl and had attempted to take the girl to a mental hospital where she was not to be seen.

He is also accused of trying to take a woman to his home to kill her.

The mother has been ordered to stand trial at a later date, but is expected to be released pending further police inquiries.

A police spokesman said the investigation into the incident was ongoing and the family had not been contacted.

“At this time the matter is under investigation,” he said.

The ABC has contacted the father and the mother for comment.

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