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The first official White House gathering since Donald Trump’s inauguration has begun

Washington, D.C. (AP) The first full-fledged meeting of the White House and the House Republican Conference since President Donald Trump took office in January has started in earnest.

The meeting will focus on legislative priorities like the budget, tax reform and other key legislative matters that will be important to Republicans in 2018, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday.

Trump’s legislative agenda has so far been derailed by a Democratic filibuster, but Republicans hope to get it moving.

It’s likely that they’ll also be discussing how to advance the president’s agenda with the support of House Democrats and Senate Republicans.

The full House GOP conference meeting will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Ryan said in a statement.

Republicans have struggled to pass major legislation since the Trump administration began.

They will likely face a much tougher test with the Senate GOP conference this week, when they’ll have to work with the Democratic filibuster to advance their agenda.

The GOP will also have to overcome the partisan divide that has split the Senate from the House, but the GOP hopes to avoid that again with a unified, bipartisan House.

In the meantime, Republicans will continue working to pass a tax reform bill, the president announced Friday.

They have been working on a tax cut for more than two months, and the White of the House is expected to issue a statement this week about the process.

A number of House Republicans, including Ryan, have said they support the president on his tax reform proposal, but there’s a growing sense of urgency among members to move forward on a comprehensive bill.

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