How to get along with the ‘greeting boys’

The ‘greetings boys’ have taken to social media to complain about the lack of diversity at the ‘hippie’ gatherings.

The ‘hindi-greeters’ have called for the organisers to take a stand and take steps to improve the diversity of the group, which they believe has been largely overlooked.

The group, formed by a young man and a woman in Hyderabad, has come under criticism for not meeting the demand of its members for a diversity of gender, age, appearance and nationality. 

The group, headed by a student, has gathered at more than a dozen events in Hydera to discuss issues ranging from politics to social issues.

In one recent event, they were booed off the stage for not bringing out a white-haired woman.

“They (the ‘gherao’ or ‘grievances boys’) are trying to control the gatherings by forcing the ‘gentlemen’ to dress more like women, and make them behave more like men,” said Shrikant Vohra, a member of the ‘girls’ group who had to cancel the event because of the booing.

“They don’t want the ladies to get the chance to express their opinions.

They want the girls to be a part of the meetings, and the gentlemen to have a ‘dance’ in front of the ladies.

I was shocked when I heard them boo the ladies off stage.”

According to Mr VohRA, the ‘sundry girls’ were the ones booed in Hyderabadi’s Mahadapuram town.

“When I heard the booed, I went to the venue and saw the women in black clothes standing up to greet them.

It’s like the ‘whites’ were saying, ‘You’re not going to give us a chance to have an open discussion about your issues’,” he said.

“The ‘gentles’ have always been the ones in the forefront of these discussions, and they were the only ones booing women.

But now, when we go to other cities like Kolkata, they have decided to become ‘gentlemen’ and ‘whales’.

This is not even how I was meant to behave.””

This is not how I am supposed to behave in a meeting.

This is not even how I was meant to behave.”

The group’s president said the booings are part of a wider trend among young people to ‘whine’ and get ‘in touch with the past’.

“I have come across similar sentiments from other young people, too.

I had to leave the ‘pajamas’ group to move to a new one because I found them intimidating.

I have seen young people booed and heckled for not dressing in their ‘sindry’ style, for wearing their hair short and for speaking on social issues,” Mr Vokhari said.”

I am sure the ‘Greeting Boys’ and other ‘Gentlemen of Hindutva’ would have learnt from the experience and would not have been as angry and disrespectful,” he added.

In a Facebook post, the group said that they were planning a protest on May 1.

“The reason why the ‘towel girls’ and the ‘dancers’ have to wear trousers, and ‘dressed up as men’ is that they are not ‘grooms’ and they do not respect us, as well as their ‘tribe’ members,” it said. 

In another post, it added that they have a number of grievances, including a lack of inclusion of men and boys, a lack, among others, of women, to which they have asked the organisers of the events to intervene.

 “We have asked all our leaders to speak out against this ‘treaty’ of the gherao,” the group added. 

Mr Vohara said he was angry that the organisers had not included men or boys in their talks.

“Men and boys are our brothers and sisters.

They should be given equal opportunities and rights.

This ‘tourism’ has to be held within the context of a social justice society,” he said, adding that the ‘bajas’ (greetings boys) are the ‘most powerful people in our country.

If we can’t talk to them, we should not be in power.

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