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When it rains, it pours: How Sydney’s neighbourhood get together program got started

Posted May 05, 2018 13:31:38 While it’s not always easy to get together for the holidays, this year the Sydney Neighbourhood Get Together Program is bringing together friends, family and neighbours from across the city to celebrate Diwali in a unique way.

“The NSW government is really keen on the idea that people are sharing with each other, and I think that’s what we are really trying to achieve,” says Joanne Goggin, executive director of the NSW Neighbourly Neighbour.

“People are not looking for a specific thing in terms of food or anything like that, they are looking for that sense of community and being a part of a group of friends.”

Neighbouring together in Sydney is a very different experience to being in your own home, so the program has taken a different approach to finding a group.

“We have been working on this program for about a year now, so we are just getting to the point where it’s about meeting people, meeting up with the same people and having a good time together,” Ms Goggins said.

“It’s a good feeling to meet up and have a nice time.”

The program started in January this year and has since expanded to include all kinds of events from food trucks and socials to family and friends dinners.

“I think what we have been seeing over the last few months is a lot of really good people come together, which is great,” Ms Gregozzi said.

The NSW Neighbours will be holding a dinner party at the Adelaide Hotel on Saturday, May 12.

“There are so many people coming together to eat and enjoy and be a part.

I think people are really hungry, and we are all hungry.”

Neighbourhood get-togethers are part of NSW’s Neighbourliness Week, a national event designed to encourage people to get involved with community activities.

The program has grown out of the desire for people to be more connected in the community and socialising in a way they haven’t been in years.

“They’re not looking to make a social connection with someone who is just looking to have a good meal and maybe have a few drinks,” Ms Clements said.

She said it was important for people who wanted to get in touch with their friends or neighbours to get out and socialise.

“One of the things we’ve tried to do is just encourage people, especially those that are younger, to take a little bit more time and to be involved in what they are doing and be connected to their community, which we think is really important,” she said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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