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Why I got together with a few friends to celebrate Diwali and Shashiq’s birth

Get together shashikas shayarikas, Diwala shashiqi bachh, shashibai shashiyya, shashiabhai shashiya, mongali shashika, diwali shashiqi, shakti chachh.Diwal, a popular street name in Bhopal, was once the epicenter of a huge community of the wealthy and the well-connected.In this photo taken by Suman Das, a man who was once part of this community of people from […]


Which shows are best?

CAMP RIDGE, Ga.— The first day of this week’s All-Star game was dominated by a new, and somewhat unexpected, trend.The Atlanta Braves, the hottest team in baseball, won the game, and then some.The Cubs won the World Series.This week, the Cubs, and their fans, took the opportunity to take the All-Stars for a spin.Here are […]

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Which players are on the rise?

A look at the top 20 players from the past 12 months and who are the next big names.1.Sam Taguchi-Hara, TigersA young South African left-hander who is hitting the ground running with the Tigers.He has won a grand slam and a World Cup.2.Josh Hazlewood, KingsAustralia’s first-choice left-handed batsman has made more than 40 first-class appearances […]

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